Friday, August 12, 2016

Choki Choki BoboiBoy AR

This is not a sponsored post.

Baru-baru ni kecoh pasal Pokémon GO, the new Pokémon game which features real-time pocket monsters that you can catch just by using your mobile devices!

Yea sangat cool, and me being all curious, and just wanting to join the hype, I downloaded it as soon as it arrived in Malaysia and so I played for about 3 days before deleting it. (please note that I'm not a gamer, I never really enjoy playing games #nohate)

Dan taulah kan pasal the hooha on the game being haram and all, as it would cause trouble. I have no comment on that.

But enough about Pokémon GO.

Now I'm gonna focus on this new stuff, (although I'm pretty sure it's been around longer, even before that pokemon go) which is Choki Choki BoboiBoy AR!

AR stands for Augmented Reality, where extra elements are added using devices to further enhance our experience.

Dalam erti kata lain, AR ni menambah apa yang sedia ada supaya menjadi lebih gempak. Haaa cool kan.

So I came to know about this when I bought a packet of 5 sticks and wow ada kad boboiboy inside?!?!? *scream*

Pastu bila belek-belek, ada instructions on the back of the card saying to download the app on Play Store.

Once you open the app, just point your camera on the card...wait for it....and then...tada! 3D characters weh! You gerak-gerak also the characters ikut pusing sama!

My sister and I were like, whoa man dis some 22nd century doraemon stuff.

The next day we went and bought some more packets, only to be disappointed because we only got the regular cards. Heh baru la tau rupanya bukan semua kad boleh buat magik.

Tiba-tiba yesterday my sister bought the BIG BOX (yang ada 12 packet tu) and we opened them all and they all contained AR cards do you understand what an achievement this is!!!!!

So now we have about 60 cards, and 40 of them are AR cards. Heaven.

If you put in two cards, the characters will fight weh! You just sit and watch which one jatuh kalah.

I dunno, I think this stuff is pretty darn cool. AR ftw man.

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